List of current Plugins


Magicmesh Example

Draw a layer with dots, rectangles or hexagons and use the average color of the area below from the current drawable. Click on the image to see a Fullsize example of the output. There are several Magicmesh Scripts included, they do nearly the same but in a different way.

Scanline Layer

Scanlines Example

Create a new Layer or Layer Mask with a Scanline Effect. You may also try the Scanlines Plugin shiped with Gimp <Image>/Filter/Render/Pattern/Mesh which is much faster. However my Script allows additional features like increasing the width of the Line and Space.

Color Offset

Color Offset Example

Move the Red, Green, Blue Channels to the specific Offset. You get the best Results with Cartoon Images.


Color Offset Example

Just create a selection with the Eclipse Tool and run the Script. You get a new layer above your selection with the Fisheye Effect.

Round Corners

Round Corners Example

Create Round Corners and draw a Border with the Brush.

Color Contures

Color Contur Example

Create a Grayscale Layer, apply edge detection and blur.

Contrast Mask Layer

Contrast Mask Example

This Plugin creates a contrast mask Layer, it allows you to reduce the overall contrast and simultaneously bringing out more detail in highlights and shadows. Very useful for Pictures taken from Digital Cameras made with bad light conditions.

I'm sorry, the example image on the right side is a really bad one, because the most visible Details are only noise ;-)


Kaleidosix Example

This Script create a new Image with a Kaleidoscope Effect based on your selection. There's currently a known bug, the selection must be smaller then 50% of the image size (fixed with next release).

Cubic Patterns

Cubic Patterns Example

Well, the patterns doesn't look really Cubic ;-). I maybe change the Name soon. However, i like the result a lot.

Yin-Yang (Python Port)

YinYang Example

Since I have switched to the new Gimp 2.0 i missed my old Yin/Yang Plugin ;-) After a look at the Sourcecode i decided to make a Yin/Yang PyGimp Version for Gimp 2.x.


Aqua Buttons Example 1
Aqua Buttons Example 2

PyAquaButt is a Python-Fu Script for Gimp. You can make Aqua-Style Buttons, usefull for Web Pages. The Script was originally written with Perl from Denis Bodor. I did add some features and it works it the latest Gimp.


  • Many Options (Shadow, Background/Text Color)
  • Leave Layers or merge it

Random Shapes

Random Shapes Example

Create some random shapes with 6 default colours or using the current Palette. Keep in mind the result is *random*, if you don't like the Image run the Script again and choose another Color Palette.

Rectangle Layer

Example Retangle Layer

Similar to Scanline-Layer but with rectangles.
Useful for Icons or Buttons together with Bumpmap


  • Border Width
  • Blur Lines
  • Apply Bumpmap