PyGimp Plugin Collection

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I'll publish here some of my Python Scripts for the Gimp made the last several years. All plug-ins are tested with the latest Gimp 2.8.x. The idea is to provide packages for several Tasks, Web Graphics, Artistic Effects, Photo Restoration, ...

Currently there's only one package containing around 13 Scripts. If you made any interesting Python plug-ins please let me know and i will include it with the next release.

I know there's already the Gimp Plug-in Registry but i wasn't quite happy with it because there is so much outdated. I don't try to replace the Gimp Plug-in Registry, my intention is to create packages proven to run with the latest & greatest Gimp.

Please use the code on git repository because the release is increddible outdated and not compatible with Gimp 2.8.x